Neighbor law

Why bring in a neighbor dispute lawyer?

Property and Neighborhood Litigation



Many rules, sometimes unwritten, are attached to your property:

There are many rules governing the rights and duties of property owners; general state planning rules will limit construction and legal and conventional easements might be attached to the property even if such rights, duties, and easements do not appear in your bill of sale.

Sometimes, easements have been drawn up a long time ago and need to be interpreted.

Consult a legal professional if you encounter a difficulty linked to the exercise of a right of passage, if a claim of obstruction of view is made against you, or if your view is obstructed, if you encounter a legally contested or amicable demarcation problem, and, in general, if your property- whether a construction or land- is the source of a dispute with one or more neighbors.

In these procedures, as in most legal disputes, negotiation has become a mandatory prerequisite.

It is in your interest to be assisted as soon as possible.

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