Inheritance Law

Inheritance law

The firm deals with inheritance litigation and, logically, extends to disputed wills and donations. It is not unusual for heirs to find unforeseen or incomprehensible situations when their loved ones die.

A death naturally has financial consequences that are sometimes difficult to manage.

It is always useful to inquire and / or to be accompanied in a final negotiation. If you go to court, a settlement can still be found and, if not, your aguments will be properly set out and heard.

And if necessary , in court.

You need to know your rights if you want to negotiate and avoid litigation

However, in this matter, as in all others, litigating can be part of the solution.

Any proceeding can be interrupted when the parties have reached an agreement, in which case the judge validates the agreement and, if necessary decides on whatever matters remain in dispute.

For this reason, litigating in France can be a good solution. The judge will nudge on the parties to find a settlement.

Without the proceedings, a proper solution might never be found.

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