Ariane Fatovich-Royer de Véricourt

Counsel and defense lawyer in Toulon

Ariane Fatovich- de Véricourt is US born and French schooled lawyer with an independent practice registered in the South of France since 1997.

Whenever possible your lawyer will negotiate but sometimes it is necessary and might even be in your best interest to litigate.

If you are negotiating, you’ll need to prepare a very effective defense (just in case) and if you are litigating, you will need to avoid a number of early mistakes.

In both cases, you should be more comfortable with a lawyer who has litigated more than twenty years in front of all types of French courts located all over France and who will help you understand French rules and regulations and how these can be interpreted.

The firm and its skills

International law

Negotiating severance payments with foreign companies, whether work or association.


Amicable attempts seem futile, it is useful to learn and / or to be accompanied in a final negotiation

Neighborhood Trouble

The noise or olfactory nuisance generated by your neighbors can constitute neighborhood disturbances and be sanctioned under certain conditions.

Family law

Divorces, family rights, and human rights are areas that require some attention in view of the consequences that this entails.

 » Abilities are what you can do.
Motivation determines what you do.
Your attitude determines your degree of success. « 


Are you looking for an experienced and qualified lawyer to handle your various cases? Our firm advises you and defends you. So you will be assisted in all the negotiations even international.

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