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Divorce: Avoid mistakes early in the conflict

In all cases of divorce, separation, and legal rights relating to children, it is imperative to obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

Although it is often in the interest of both parents and spouses to avoid a protracted legal battle, it is often necessary first to put the opposing party on notice about the strength of your case and your ability to exercise your rights through an experienced family attorney.

Do not engage in any written correspondence or in any procedure without first being advised.

Mistakes can be committed early in the conflict and will follow you throughout the procedure.


Parental Rights: Preserve Your Rights

Similarly, a number of measures can and must be taken quickly, if possible even before the separation, to avoid the procedure getting bogged down and to make sure the facts are established early on to avoid a later misinterpretation by the magistrates who will have to assess the situation later.

In a painful and, often, urgent, situation, it is also easy to forget to protect yourself against the material and financial consequences of a separation. You may not see all the possible choices and may accept situations that will be difficult to work around later.

Negotiation is always possible and desirable but one should not waste time as negotiation can be conducted confidentially between lawyers even while a procedure is in progress.

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